What Should I Expect?

Friendly Faces

At Paradise there are plenty of friendly faces to greet you when you come to church! If you are our first time guest, we will strive to make you feel right at home! We want Paradise to be a little slice of Heaven on Earth. Stop by the Welcome Center in the atrium when you arrive if you need any help.

Family Integrated Worship Services

At Paradise Church, we practice family integrated worship services just as the early church did.  We do not believe in separating families from one another during worship.   We do not provide infant care, child care, or student services during worship.  We believe that families should worship together as a group so that children can be taught each week how to worship our Lord in Spirit and in Truth.   How else will your child be taught to worship the true God if not by watching parents engage in worship each week.  We do have a specially designated alcove area in our worship center for children and parents to sit in special times of need.

Casual Environment

We want you to feel comfortable when you come to church.  From the boardroom to casual,  you’ll fit right in! Grab a beverage and a doughnut on your way into worship.  Relax and listen to what God wants to say to you.

Reverent Christ Glorifying Praise and Worship  

Each week our Praise and Worship team will lead us in music that is Christ honoring and glorifying to prepare our hearts and minds to worship our Lord in Spirit and in Truth and to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ.

Deep Biblical Preaching and Teaching

At Paradise we are all about the Word of God.  Each week we will dive deep into the scriptures and help you understand a text as well as its context and  help you discover the practical guidance and life application God can give.  We want every worship service to be a refreshing encounter with the God of the universe and His Son Jesus Christ as you grow deeper in your walk with Him.

No Pressure

As our guest, please don’t worry about being put on the spot! We won’t ask you to “stand and be recognized” and you can participate where you feel comfortable.