There are three basic ways you can become a member of Paradise Church:

1.   By Covenant:  If you are already a follower of Christ as evidenced by the fact that you have repented of your sin (see our section on eternal life to fully understand repentance) and have received the free gift of salvation by grace through faith and have been scripturally baptized by full immersion you may simply download our church covenant (here), print off a copy, sign and date it and turn it in to one of our staff members on Sunday morning.  Please read the covenant fully. By signing the covenant you are agreeing to all the terms contained in the covenant.


Paradise Church Covenant (PDF)

Click Paradise Church Covenant above if you want to view/download a copy.

2.   By Baptism:  If you have repented of your sin and have received the free gift of salvation by grace through faith but have not yet been baptized, baptism would be your next step and then the signing of and full agreement with the  terms contained in the church covenant.

3.   By Salvation:  If you have not yet been born again of the spirit, you may contact the Pastor for an appointment to discuss the process for becoming a follower and disciple of Christ.  Please read the complete statement on Eternal Life on our webpage which will give you a complete understanding of the steps necessary for salvation.  Once you make a decision and full commitment to follow Christ, repent of your sin and receive the grace of God by faith you will be baptized. Upon your baptism you will be asked to sign our church covenant if it is your desire to be a member in good standing of Paradise Church.