Join us beginning in September for a verse by verse study of the Book of Daniel, one of the most important and up to date books in the entire Bible.  The Book of Daniel is broken into two parts.  Daniel’s personal life (Chapters 1-6) and Daniel’s prophetic life (Chapters 7-12)

We will begin our study looking at Daniel’s prophetic life and tie it in to our Revelation study from Tuesday nights.  Some of the most incredible prophecies and stories in the entire Bible are contained in this incredible book, including prophecies predicting the 1st and 2nd comings of Jesus Christ, and even the exact date of His 1st coming. 

We will also relate the events swirling around our world today as harbingers of the imminent return of Christ and how Daniel saw these events 2,600 years ago and predicted them with such clarity, they sound like today’s headlines.

You won’t want to miss this incredible tour of Daniel as we count down the days until our Lord’s return.

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